‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 2 spoilers; New Cat, Vincent, Tori, and Gabe photos

Beauty and the Beast -Why not prepare to ring in 2014 by getting excited about some stuff coming on “Beauty and the Beast” season 2? The CW drama has been on hiatus for several weeks now, but it returns on Monday, January 13 with “Don’t Die on Me,” and hour of TV that is going to be significant for so many reasons.

Primarily, what we are here to share today (since you can read the official synopsis for this particular installment over here) are some of the photos that could make some in the shipper community a little upset. First of all, we have Cat and Gabe. Could we have something more here? We know that Gabe would probably like for something to happen between them, and he brings a different sort of energy than Vincent. Not only that, but we’ve already seen Jay Ryan’s character prove himself (at least for now) that he is not completely in touch with all of his emotions right now.

Beauty and the Beast -Meanwhile, we’ve also got this photo here (via TVLine) of Vincent and Tori that may actually make you scream out loud. Why is the show continuing to stress these two being together? The simple answer to that is that there is a connection here that extends quite a bit beyond just the two being beasts. They bring something extra out of each other, and that chemistry, combined with the feeling of being some of the only sane people of their kind out there, breeds a natural connection. Some of this you cannot blame Vincent for … but there is also plenty that you can based on some of his actions with her already.

What do you think about these photos, and is there anything in particular you are hoping for on “Beauty and the Beast” the rest of the way? Share some of your thoughts below! Also, be sure to visit the link here if you are interested in getting some not-so-beastly updates on this and some other shows courtesy of our email newsletter.

Photo: The CW

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