‘Sherlock’ season 3, episode 1 preview: What to expect in ‘The Empty Hearse’

Sherlock -New Year’s Eve is just about here, and that means some great news for “Sherlock” fans. After a wait of two years, the new season is finally going to be on the air! (At least it will be in the United Kingdom; American fans have to wait until January 19.) We are hoping still that this wait is going to be worth it, and based on everything that we are hearing about “The Empty Hearse,” it is going to make you absolutely giddy.

The biggest thing that will obviously be at the center of the story is the fact that Sherlock is not actually dead, and this revelation is going to completely rock the world of John Watson and everyone else that Sherlock once knew. Is this twist enough for you? It might be, but there are plenty of other reasons to be excited about this episode. For example, Sherlock has to get used to the notion that everyone in London moved on without him. Nobody sat around and spent much of their time worrying about what they were going to do moving forward. They moved on.

At least part of this episode will be focused on the “how” in how Sherlock managed to convincingly fake his death to such a large degree, and it is perhaps after that when we will see the focus shift a little bit more onto the why; namely, why he decided for that to be the way in which he “died”, and why he has decided that now is the best time for him to come back and if Watson and everyone he loves will actually be safe upon his return.

At the end of the episode, the course will be set for the second episode airing in the UK on January 5. This will be the one focusing on Watson’s wedding, and should combine both fun and some great character moments to create something more than memorable.

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Photo: BBC

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