‘Bones’ season 9, episode 12 spoilers: First look at ‘The Ghost in the Killer’

Ghost in the Killer -“Bones” season 9 has been off the air for a while now, but a week from Friday, you can get ready to see more of Booth and Brennan once again on your TV. But will you be seeing them in the safest environment? Not exactly. This upcoming January 10 episode, entitled “The Ghost in the Killer,” is going to be a big one for the rest of the season. It’s potentially the introduction of the next Big Bad, and an opportunity to learn as to whether or not Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz’s characters are going to actually stay on the same page for an extended period of time.

Before we do anything else, we should probably start things off here by sharing a little bit of what we know about the episode. There is going to be a new suspect out there who Brennan believes to be a serial killer, but the problem is that there really is not that much evidence out there to support it. Not only that, but some of the evidence that is there is going to be created in her own brain courtesy of Pelant (appearing here via visions). Some of this is hardly compelling.

So why could this lead to conflict, as hinted in some way by the photo above? The big reason to be suspicious here is mostly that Booth, rather than angry, may simply be worried to a certain level over the mental state of his wife. She spent so long chasing a guy in Pelant who was doing terrible things, she may be struggling to really adjust to life without some sort of constant threat in her life. That is at least one theory. Another one is simply that she is putting way too much stock into things that are not entirely factual, and this is not something that is typically characteristic of her brilliance.

No matter your theory as to what is going to be happening with Brennan, “The Ghost in the Killer” is not an episode to be missed. You can read more about it here, and we will have some more details on it soon.

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Photo: Fox

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