‘Downton Abbey’ season 5 character debate: Laura Carmichael and Lady Edith

Despite seemingly living in the lap of luxury, somehow the family living within Downton Abbey finds a way to make life very difficult on themselves. Take, for example, Laura Carmichael and her character of Lady Edith. We cannot imagine how she could have gone through more emotionally, save for maybe being thrown out and becoming homeless. She has made it out on the other side, but we cannot really sit here and say that she has done so without any long-lasting problems.

To those who are new to this part of the website, an additional warning: There are spoilers ahead for season 4! Stop reading now if you want to remain surprised with everything that is coming up the rest of the way.

Where we last saw her – Edith still does not know what in the world happened to Michael Gregson, the man who she was supposed to run away with to Germany. Also, she decided to get her child back from Switzerland, and allow for them to live with someone much closer by in an effort to at least see or hear about them in some capacity. She matured in the sense that she realized that she would not be a proper mother, but she found someone who would care in the way that a child should be cared for. But with this being said, it is hard to really sit here and say that she left the Christmas Special in a particularly happy place.

What could happen next – Based on the way in which this show handles things, we personally expect Gregson to turn up again, and then complicate things even more when Edith has to explain to him about the child, and then figure out if there is a way for her once-dream life to ever be that way again. Also, we anticipate her continuing to stress her independence in some ways. She’s never felt like a woman for this society living in the same way as Mary, and has been more comfortable within the working world.

What we would like to see – We understand that there could be great drama out of a Gregson return, but at this point it would be more interesting and realistic if he is in fact dead, and she can just move forward and find herself a new purpose. We don’t necessarily even need to see another romance; instead, what about her finding success on her own in Britain? How would the family feel about her becoming involved in journalism or the arts? This show is at its best when identities are questioned, and this is an opportunity to do that very thing.

What do you want to see from Edith next season? Share some of your thoughts below.

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