‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Lucy Aragon

Lucy Aragon -Just when we thought that “dog lover” was going to be the most unusual occupation that we had the opportunity to see while profiling the contestants for Juan Pablo Galavis’ season of “The Bachelor,” Lucy Aragon walks in. Her job description is “free spirit,” and that is only one of so many things that we could say about her.

Every season, there are at least one or two contestants who feel like obvious plants for the show who may or may not have much interest in actually winning, and are there mostly to stir things up and keep the show interesting. Lucy is one of them. Let’s just put some of it this way: She claims she is “best friends” with Kate Upton, she is apparently a fan of Burning Man and not wearing much in the clothing, and she feels like she “deserves” to be a center of attention. All of this amounts to most of America probably hating her. But Juan Pablo? That may be a somewhat different story.

Lucy -

Possible pros – Lucy is definitely confident in what she believes in, and Courtney Robertson did prove that very confident women without much in the way of modesty really can go pretty far on this show. She’s also very adventurous, someone who will likely want to travel, and clearly has an interest in dancing. She will at least have a few things in common with Juan Pablo right off the bat.

Possible cons – Where to start here? For one, just listing Upton as your “best friend” in your bio is almost a plea for self-importance, and regardless of whether or not it is really the case, she is going to come across as someone doing the show for fame rather than some sort of actual hope that she falls in love at the end of this. Her confidence and “free-spirited” nature is probably also going to make her a target in the house, and she will be one of the lightning rods of the season.

Pre-show outlook – The conundrum for Juan Pablo with Lucy is that he probably does want to be someone who has some interest in traveling and having a crazy life on the go. But, he probably also really wants America to like him. He’s going to be self-aware enough to know that she will be trouble for that, and we don’t see Lucy lasting maybe beyond the fourth or fifth episode. Her best case scenario is making it to the point that Tierra did last year.

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Photo: ABC

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