‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 11 preview: A longer look at ‘White Lines’

Jane -Is Patrick Jane really going to destroy your shipper heart on “The Mentalist” a week from Sunday? You can consider it a possibility, but we still figure the odds of his being in a long-term relationship with anyone other than Lisbon right now are unlikely.

In “White Lines,” though, you will see Simon Baker’s character go on a date, and this picture is made even clearer in the new extended promo than it was in the first clip that was put out there by CBS. The one mystery that does still remain is whether or not there is a significant ulterior motive for what he is up to. Personally, we feel like there is in the sense that this woman is involved in the case. Even if Jane is actually interested in her in some sort of romantic way, we really cannot see this ending in a way that has everyone happy in the end.

The rest of this promo is somewhat predictable: Now that Jane and Lisbon are with the FBI, the cases are bigger! No kidding! Seeing the footage of the team trying to solve elaborate murders or complicated cases isn’t really that interesting, mostly because we already get that on a weekly basis with “Criminal Minds,” or “CSI,” or “NCIS,” or really any other crime show out there. CBS is still littered with these. What has always made “The Mentalist” stand out to us over all of the others is the character development, and how we have really come to root for some of these people over the years.

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Photo: CBS

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