‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7, episode 12 preview: First tease of Penny’s ‘NCIS’ gig

It’s not often that you actually get to see what the gang on “The Big Bang Theory” is watching on that famous TV in the living room, but on Thursday night’s new episode (and the first following the Christmas break), that opportunity will be here.

So what is it? As you may have heard already, Kaley Cuoco’s Penny may have finally landed some sort of role over on “NCIS,” which is probably both realistic to the show (as relative unknowns can get tiny roles on procedurals from time to time) and also some great cross-promotion from one big show to the other. As for what sort of part she will be playing, all Penny says is that she gets the chance to flirt with Mark Harmon. Penny clearly looks excited about it in the photo above from the episode … but it is still to be seen if that facial expression is still there at the end of the episode.

There seems to be some sort of common theme in this one when it comes to entertainment, as Amy also gets a crash course in comedy from a guy who is probably the worst person to ever be teaching her anything of the sort: Sheldon. Do you want to fall victim to one of his “classic pranks”? Typically, his brand of jokes either include a “bazinga”, or some sort knock-knock joke, which for him can get very repetitive.

Regardless of what happens, this sounds like a fun way to start the year. Plus, we feel like there’s some momentum going following the best episode of the season which aired right before the holidays started.

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