‘The Blacklist’ episode 11 preview: New promo highlights James Spader, January 13 return

The latest -It’s starting to feel like it has been a while since we have seen new episodes of “The Blacklist,” and the truth of the matter is that it has been. Luckily, though, the wait is coming to an end, as the NBC mega-hit will return on Monday, January 13 for what will be a risky three-episode experiment. These three episodes are going to air without “The Voice” around as a lead-in, and it will therefore be a major test to see if the show can survive without any help. You know that if the ratings drop even a few ticks (which we imagine that they will, though we don’t think it will be devastating), the complainers will come out and blast the network for the move.

In the new promo below, you get a good sense that the show is trying to emphasize as much as possible that it will be back in January … just in case they thought for whatever reason that it was going to only be around when “The Voice” was. Also, they want to remind you that James Spader is awesome.

NBC really does have a reason to be thrilled with Spader at the moment, given that he is up for a Golden Globe in what is a very populated Actor in a Drama Series category. It’s quite a coup for anyone from the world of network TV to get a nomination in a major category, and they have to owe quite a bit of it to the writing and also the numbers.

Now, if only this promo actually showed what Reddington was up to next after bailing on the bureau in the midseason finale, we’d be so much happier then we are. This promo is much too short, and doesn’t give much of anything away. (Luckily, we have compiled some spoilers already on the rest of the season.)

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Photo: NBC

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