‘Doctor Who’ season 8: Strax reports on Matt Smith’s regeneration to Peter Capaldi

The latest -At this point, we assume that you have already made your thoughts more than clear about the “Doctor Who” Christmas Special. We personally loved it, but we also know that there are more than a few people out there who hated it.

But what did Strax think about it? Somehow, we have a feeling that this is not the first question that came to your mind after watching Matt Smith’s Eleven regenerate, and turn into Peter Capaldi’s Twelve. Nonetheless, we have his response to it in the latest Strax Field Report below. It may not be the most informative report of all time, but there are a few funny / witty moments in here as the character unleashes his thoughts on regeneration, and what he believes to be the ideal body for The Doctor to morph into.

At the moment, we really have to cherish just about every “Doctor Who”-related video that really comes out for us to see, especially given that it is going to be quite a long time before we see any new episodes, unless they are kind enough to share some more videos during season 8 filming. Production on the first episode is set to begin in January, and you can read up all about that along with some possible scheduling updates over at the link here. Until that time the show returns in the fall, and let’s just hope that there are some more little hints dropped along the way to tide us over until then. We feel like we have been somewhat spoiled this year with an abundance of all things “Doctor Who,” as we had a chance to enjoy the 50th Anniversary Special, and all sorts of great tributes from Whovians throughout the waiting process for this to air.

This is the most uncertain period for the series in years; while we saw a tiny glimpse of Peter Capaldi’s version of The Doctor, it was not enough to know if we are sold on him yet. Let’s hope he takes a few elements from the past, but also combines that with his own essence to create a fantastic new character.

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Photo: BBC

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