NBC’s ‘Community’ season 5: Alison Brie on dealing with change, Nathan Fillion appearance

Alison Brie -In just under a week’s time now (five days!), “Community” season 5 is going to be coming back on NBC with all-new episodes. As a matter of fact, there will be thirteen of them that capture the entire weird and wacky spectrum of this series from start to finish. You will laugh at times, laugh harder at others, and maybe you’ll cry if you’re the extremely emotional type. It all depends on how powerful they make the exit of Troy Barnes, or what they do to explain Pierce Hawthorne being away.

But despite all of the changes, including Dan Harmon being back running the ship again, everyone seems to be handling their adjustments and moving forward in hopes of making the show great. Just look, for example, at what Alison Brie (Annie) said in a new interview with IGN about how great stories and guest stars are helping to make the transition easier:

“We’ve all learned that working on Community means constant change all the time. So I think now, this year, it’s offset by us being so excited to have Dan back, and the material is so great. So there’s not really time to wallow in like, ‘Oh, not everyone’s here!’ We’ve gotten all these great people here, like Jonathan Banks, who’s doing so many episodes this season, and he’s incredible. We’ve had so many cool guest stars coming in. I mean, Nathan Fillion pops by, Tim and Eric are here this week. Also, John Oliver is doing a lot of episodes. You’ll find that the Dean and Chang are much more involved.”

In speaking specifically about Fillion, Brie commented that his role is extremely short, but also very awesome. He joins a list of guests this year that also includes “Justified” favorite Walton Goggins, who is an anchor for what will be a very intense episode that goes back to where Pierce is and why he left.

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Photo: NBC

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