‘American Idol XIII’ video: Harry Connick Jr. has fun with familiar refrain (video)

“One more chance?”

If there is one phrase that is very familiar to anyone who has watched “American Idol” extensively over the years, this is it. Every year, you see countless contestants all hoping to really impress and wow the judges, and when it doesn’t work for some of them, they start to get desperate and plead for an opportunity to do another song. Let us say this: Out of the hundred or so contestants that do this, maybe only four or five of them actually get something out of it. Typically, those that beg end up making themselves look pathetic, or just embarrass themselves further when they try to sing something that is even worse than their initial audition.

Based on the funny quip below from new judges Harry Connick Jr., this is going to be a refrain that we hear early and often throughout this season, given that he seems to suggest that this is going to haunt him in his sleep, and also pester him throughout the day. He’ll have people waiting outside of his shower, at least in this dream scenario, asking for another chance after they have already attempted to impress him with a performance.

These videos that Fox is putting out of the judges having fun together is clearly a manipulated attempt on their part to try and make sure that viewers know that this is not the old “American Idol” panel all over again, and that these people probably like each other much more. Also, we imagine that executives behind the scenes are also begging them to get along and have as much fun as possible after the fiasco last year where the judges managed to in part destroy the whole show.

Do you like getting previews focused on the judges, or do you really still care more about seeing the contestants at this point? Share some of your thoughts below.

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