‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Kylie Lewis

After a while doing “Bachelor” cast spotlights, many of the people start to blend together a little bit. Is Kylie Lewis one of them? Yes and no. While she has a few distinctive parts of her personality, we still have a hard time imagining that she will be one of Juan Pablo Galavis’ favorites to make it deep into the season. Granted, this is coming (like all of the other spotlights we do) from the first impression of her biography online, and not from any sort of spoilers floating around out there.

Just in case this is the first one of these articles that you’re reading, know here that we are not trying to spoil anything about the outcome of the season, and that all of these looks into the individual contestants are in fact spoiler-free. For all of you going into this season blind, this article is for you.

Possible pros – The first thing that stands out is that she enjoys being an aunt, which in turn to us means that she is probably going to enjoy being a mother at some point. She is only 23, but her mind seems to already be going in that direction. To us, that is almost more important than age so long as you are able to emotionally handle being a parent. Also, she earns a few more kudos for coming across as open in her biography, and someone at least willing to put herself out there.

Possible cons – The biggest one we see is that we don’t get any sort of sense that Kylie is adventurous at all in the same way that Juan Pablo is, or that she has the same sort of sense of humor. Also, the fact that she has four tattoos may or may not be something he’s into, given that not every guy digs them and his opinion is somewhat ambiguous.

Pre-show outlook – Typically, Kylie is the sort of contestant that we’d imagine lasting a while just based on the fact that she seems pretty sincere, and at least is making an effort to look like she is there to find love first and foremost. (We’re not suggesting that she’s just there to be famous, but it’s hard to know.) We just don’t get the sort of fun spirit from her right away that meshes with Juan Pablo, and we can’t see her lasting too long because of that. Also, her social-media activity (promoting the show heavily) almost suggests that she knows that her time is pretty limited, and she has to celebrate it now while she still can.

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