‘Doctor Who’ video: See one extra (and final?) Matt Smith – Jenna Coleman scene

If you are still depressed that the “Doctor Who” Christmas Special has now officially come and gone, perhaps one final bit of holiday cheer will help: A video featuring The Doctor and Clara that did not make it into the episode itself.

In the video below via BBC America, you can see Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman taking part in one final scene that was obviously cut because it really does not offer up anything new at all to the show’s universe. However, it does serve as another reminder of Clara’s affection and devotion to The Doctor, and also a nice little callback to The Doctor’s holographic clothing that he has chosen to don for most of this episode. It’s another funny reminder as to why we are going to miss Smith in the role.

For those curious, some new viewing figures released today show that there were actually more people watching the “Doctor Who” special on Christmas at one time than any other series on British TV. While the show may not have had the largest average viewership, its peak viewership of over 10 million at the end of the special, where we saw the end of Smith’s time as the famous character, was enough to put the series at the top of the list. Given that you are not going to be seeing the show again until the fall of next year, this is a nice victory to have for the time being.

What do you think about this video, and are you happy that it was still released even if it doesn’t give too much more away? Share below.

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