‘Nikita’ series finale spoilers: Nikita and Alex go on the offensive (video)

It is going to be rather difficult to say goodbye to “Nikita,” but with the series finale airing on The CW tomorrow night, we have to be ready to do just that. In what could be her last mission, Nikita and Alex go on the offensive in order to do some of what they do best … but with a little bit of irony attached. Even though the government trained Maggie Q’s character to be excellent at what she does, she is still going to be criticized and attacked for taking out the heads of several Fortune 500 companies.

The issue at the center of the story here is the debate between what someone deserves, and then also what they end up receiving. It’s a familiar theme that echoes most of the series’ run, and also is relatable in a sense to many other shows on the air the past few years. “Dexter” was another great example of it.

The only thing that can be assured when it comes to this finale is that when the series ends, it will be doing so with a bang rather than a whimper. Just look back to what the bosses told you prior to the premiere, and also what the last five episodes have been like. After all this show did to survive, so this should be a finale that satisfies most of the devoted audience. This small but loyal group is the only reason why “Nikita” has made it this far in the first place.

What do you think about this sneak peek, and do you have any expectations for how the series should end? Be sure to let us know your predictions below! We’ll be back tomorrow night with more reaction to the episode.

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