‘The X Factor’ UK analysis: Should Simon Cowell return in 2014?

The latest news -Over the next several weeks, you are probably going to hear all sorts of rampant speculation about Simon Cowell possibly coming back to “The X Factor” UK in the new year, citing the terrible ratings for the American show as a big reason why. Unfortunately, most of these stories are going to be in absence of something rather valuable: Facts.

You see, the truth here is that nobody really knows with 100% certainty what Simon is going to do yet. He’s on holiday, just as he is every year at this time. Rather than having some snowy Christmas, he takes off somewhere that will make everyone else jealous about how rich he is. At the finale for the U.S. show just a week ago, he said that it’d be a month before he really starts to ponder over the future of his franchise. (That’s the only part of this we don’t completely buy; we’re sure the wheels are turning now while he gets some sun and sips on exotic drinks.)

So really than try to throw gas on a fire that isn’t burning, let us instead ask the question this way: Is it a good idea for Simon to return to the version of the show that started it all in the UK? We’re not quite sure, since we don’t necessarily think that he is really that valuable as a TV commodity anymore. After over a decade of singing shows, he’s become wooden and jaded. His critiques are no longer that interesting, and he rarely offers up anything in the way of new feedback save for the cliche “you are a little star” comments or a few token insults. He either needs to find a new way to infuse life into his critiques, or usher in something new … even in his home country. The only reason he works on “Britain’s Got Talent” is because he has David Walliams (our personal pick for greatest judge of all time) harassing him every step of the way.

The best thing, we feel, for Simon to do would be to take a step back on both versions of the show (if the U.S. one continues), focus more on the recording side of things since that is his expertise, and then hire judges that are going to worry more about entertaining. The other problem that we have had with the American show in particular is that it always feels like Simon’s word is law, though the other three judges should be on the same playing field as him. It just never works out that way. We like the format much better when there are no conspiracy theories about Simon favoring himself or other whatnot that comes out of the press.

Our ideal panel for the UK series at this point would be to bring back Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue, and then for the fourth judge try to bring in either Robbie Williams or Olly Murs. Those two names are seemingly out of the race, but we’re talking ideals here. Despite all of the rumors, it’s still hard to see Cheryl going back.

What do you think: Does “The X Factor” need Simon Cowell on TV in any version, or is he better off assisting the franchise from behind the camera? Let us know what you think below! For more scoop on singing, judging, and all things reality TV, just be sure to sign up for our newsletter!

Photo: ITV

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