NBC’s ‘Revolution’ season 2 spoilers: A look at ‘Three Amigos,’ ‘Mis Dos Padres’

The latest -There is a theme clearly coming on here when it comes to “Revolution” episode titles, and it comes via another language: Spanish. The show returns to NBC with new episodes starting on Wednesday, January 8, and we already have a few details on the first one back.

The first installment back for the network is entitled “Three Amigos,” which we still think of as a classic comedy film more so than anything serious or in this dark, corrupted world. Nonetheless, this is the title that we have, and we have to try to figure out what it means. Sadly, the short synopsis below does not really do very much at all to help:

“Neville and Julia mount a new plot while Aaron quests after the nanites. Kim Raver guest stars.”

With all of this being said, hooray for seeing Kim Raver! Even though she is a pretty busy woman these days courtesy of her upcoming role in the new “24” project on Fox, she managed to find a little bit of time in her schedule in order to appear here.

As for what is coming up after this, the January 15 installment (per SpoilerTV) is called “Mis Dos Padres,” which is basically just “My Parents” for those of you are not proficient in the language. Family does play an integral role in “Revolution,” so at least the title in theory makes a great deal of sense. Unfortunately, the synopsis is just as useless to scoop-hunters as the last one:

“Monroe must make a decision about his son; Gene leads Charlie to a discovery.”

With some of the stories that are now in place, especially when it comes to the Charlie, Monroe, and Aaron characters, we could be set up to have a great new part of the series … with an emphasis on the word “could.” There are so many factors that can shake things up on this show that is still very unpredictable, and as we said in our Midseason Report Card recently, there are also some very polarizing storylines.

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Photo: NBC

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