NBC’s ‘Community’ season 5, episode 1 preview: The ‘Save Greendale’ community is formed

Now that we are only one week away from the “Community” season 5 premiere, how about sharing another sneak peek that is all about the reformation of the study group? The last time we saw the likes of Troy, Abed, Britta, Shirley, and Annie with Jeff Winger, they were watching him finish up his time at the community college, and prepare to start moving on to other things.

So what brings them back? The simple answer is that Dean Pelton is under the belief (even though this is not the case at all) that Jeff is returning to Greendale in order to save it, and he therefore calls Abed to help play a part. From there, Abed calls up the rest of the study group (sans Pierce, whose absence will be explained), and they all convene to start making the mission happen.

You could consider this the perfect reason why the return episode is entitled “Repilot.” It’s a nice way to get back to telling stories that don’t rely on anything too specific from season 4, and it is once again Jeff being convinced by the kindness of others that he doesn’t want to be a terrible person. How long will he keep his true intentions from the rest of the study group? Whenever that happens, you have to imagine there will be chaos; and when there is chaos, there is a definite reason for us to crack a smile.

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