‘Hart of Dixie’ season 3 spoilers: Can Zoe stop Wade from dating Vivian?

Monday, January 13 is a date for all “Hart of Dixie” fans to write down, since that is when the show is going to return to The CW with all-new episodes to kick off the next portion of its season. “Something To Talk About” is the name of the hour, and once you start to find out a little bit more on the subject of what the plot entails, this name makes a little bit more sense.

Rachel Bilson’s character of Dr. Zoe Hart is going to be facing a number of different struggles almost right away in this episode. Not only is she trying to find a way to stop Wade from dating her relative Vivian Wilkes, but it turns out that she and Joel are also going to team up to do something that will case a big stir in the community. Remember that sight of Joel kissing someone in a recent promo? It may not be entirely what you first thought. Just check out the synopsis below for evidence:

“When Zoe (Rachel Bilson) learns that Wade (Wilson Bethel) is interested in dating someone close to her, she tries everything she can do to put a stop to it. Lavon (Cress Williams) enlists George (Scott Porter) to help save BlueBell from merging with another town. To help keep the town in the dark about the planned merger, Zoe uses Joel (guest star Josh Cooke) and AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) to create a scandalous distraction to throw people off the trail. Meanwhile, Brick (Tim Matheson) starts dating again, but finds himself in a tough predicament when someone from his past resurfaces.”

There is still plenty of time left on this season (as in more than half of it) for things to change in BlueBell, so while there may be some clear motivations right now for some characters, don’t expect them to be the same ones that we see a few weeks down the road. By that point, for example, Wade may have done a 180 on Vivian. You never know.

But for now, what do you want to see on this “Hart of Dixie” episode? Let us know below.

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