‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Introducing ‘Quiet Minds,’ and an episode title guide

Ready for a Christmas gift from the folks at “Once Upon a Time”? Well, you are going to get it now, and in episode title form. In a new post on his official Twitter account, executive producer Adam Horowitz revealed that the upcoming 15th episode of this season is going to be entitled “Quiet Minds.”

So what does this mean? For the time being, it’s pretty vague; but, there are suspicions that there is going to be a Belle-centric episode at some point around this time of the season, so that is what we personally pulling for. It’s been a while that we’ve had something with her that is not solely concentrated on her relationship with Rumpelstiltskin.

Since we figured that it could be helpful for everyone trying to keep up with all the titles currently out there for the show, we’ve composed a little guide of everything ahead to keep you in the know.

Episode 3×12, “New York City Serenade” – It airs March 9, and it is the episode that should feature more of Captain Hook trying to make Emma realize that her memories of her life are really just a lie.

Episode 3×13, “Witch Hunt” (March 16) – This should be the episode that really starts to push you deep into the story of the Wicked Witch, who she is, and just what she wants with some of the other characters. We know that she and Regina will do battle, but there is not much known beyond that.

Episode 3×14, “The Tower” – While there are no dates confirmed beyond the last one, we’re still pretty sure that this will air March 23 given the promise to air an episode every week until the end of the series, and the Oscars will have already happened. This sounds in theory like the one about Rapunzel.

Episode 3×15, “Quiet Minds” – We just told you about it!

What do you think about some of these titles? Share some of your theories with a comment in the box below!

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