‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season 4, episode 8 review: 50 shades of Carlton Gebbia

carlton gebbiaAfter seeing the preview for Monday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” we realized one thing: Carlton Gebbia needs to put down her copy of “50 Shades of Grey” and slowly step away from the book. We get that people love the book and that it’s opened the door to all kinds of private fun, but who needs to build a room in their house just for this kind of play besides Christian Grey? Rich people with too much time on their hands, that’s who.

After the break in of Brandi Glanville’s home, her dog has gone missing and many of the housewives came out to help post signs. Brandi’s assistant got fired for not being in the house during the break in and is blamed for the dog going missing. While we understand Brandi is upset over her missing dog (we could be too if our puppyface went missing) it seems like she would’ve been happy that her assistant wasn’t in the house during the break in so she wasn’t traumatized or hurt in some way… instead the assistant is fired.

While we all know that Carlton is by far the most interesting housewife at this point, sometimes we wonder if she does things just for shock value? She has decided to create a “burlesque” play room for her and her husband, very reminiscent of the “red room of pain” in 50 Shades of Grey. It will be interesting when Carlton’s children discover a way to break into this room, or watch this show when they’re older.

Now we get to the big drama of the night: Yolanda’s dinner party. She invited all of the housewives and their spouses and with every seat at the table had a place card. When some of the ladies see that Yolanda put hearts besides only some of the ladies names and not all of them, she claims that it wasn’t on purpose. Even if it wasn’t on purpose, Yolanda’s response to it was fairly insensitive saying that the heart’s are for the ladies on her “dream team” and tells Kyle that she has to “earn” her friendship. Shouldn’t Yolanda also be earning Kyle’s friendship? Why does this seems so one sided? This “dream team” is starting to seem more like the “mean team”.

Also, what is Brandi’s problem with Joyce? They had a little issue when they first met, but Brandi has just taken things to a really ugly level and as a viewer (and a reviewer) we are starting to get a little bothered by her antics (and we are saying this as a big fan of Brandi). There were the remarks about Joyce’s background, her name sounding like a “big fat pig”, calling her Jacqueline and tonight she’s picking on Joyce for calling her husband her “baby”… something that many women (and men) say to their partners.

Besides seeing David Foster’s 700 Grammy awards (which was a total thrill) we found this episode to be really negative… not even a performance from the Tenors could infuse it with positivity. We watch this show to see rich people doing amazing things we can only watch on TV, not to feel bad. Grade: D+

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Photo: Bravo

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