‘Nikita’ series finale spoilers: Show boss on key questions for Nikita, Amanda

When you think about just what is at stake for many TV series when they are going off of the air, it’s hardly that uncommon to sit there and think to yourself that questions of legacy would come up. When some of the action wears off, how will you be remembered? This is something that we saw Walter White and Dexter Morgan each ponder to themselves at the end of “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter,” though the shows ended to reviews on very different ends of the spectrum.

The horrible response to the “Dexter” finale really just shows the amount of pressure that is on for showrunners when creating the proper series finale, as you have so much that you are trying to take on in a very limited amount of time. You need to show that everything mattered leading up to this point, and that the character goes out in a way that really makes sense. That is the challenge for “Nikita” going into its last episode, and that is something that we are very excited to watch unfold.

In the video below, executive producer Craig Silverstein makes it clear that one of the questions that he is hoping to answer during this finale is related to Nikita’s legacy, and how she will be perceived as she and Alex start to march towards what could be a final battle. Was Nikita always just a tool for the Division, or is she something greater, something self-reliant and based more on the concept of self? Through her actions in this episode, we’re going to find out.

What do you want to see happen during the “Nikita” finale, and do you feel pretty confident at this point that the story is going to end in a way that satisfies you? Share some of what you think below.

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