‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ preview: Carlton Gebbia and a surprising room

There are some things that you probably never wanted to see or hear about during a “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” episode, and you are going to get an opportunity to both see and hear many of them on Monday night courtesy of Carlton Gebbia.

Gebbia, who has already stirred up plenty of headlines this year for kissing Brandi Glanville, has decided that she is going to surprise her husband courtesy of making a “burlesque” room that is really just going to an opportunity for the two of them to do way more than just burlesque. Really Carlton has just read “50 Shades of Grey” one too many times. She and her children’s nanny / her good friend are going through the design process of this, which includes looking at various objects including some sort of terrifying gag / mask combination that looks like it would either be suited for a stage production of “Pan’s Labyrinth” or some sort of deleted scene from the “Saw” franchise.

From the standpoint of entertainment, we’re thrilled that Carlton is on the show in that she satisfies what we really feel like a “Real Housewife” should be: Completely ridiculous, and the adult for of that Tumblr account that looks at rich kids doing incredibly irresponsible things with their money. There is no way whatsoever that such a room is really needed, or that we need to be hearing about it; but, this is almost what this show is known for at this point when it comes to drawing a reaction.

We want to frame the question about this story in the following way: If you were in the shoes of Carlton’s kids and stumbled upon this room, what in the world would you think? Share below!

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