‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 11 preview: First video of ‘White Lines’

Jane -While the first video promo for “The Mentalist’s” return to TV may not be the best video quality ever (sadly, it’s the only one online right now following last night’s repeat airing), it does at least give you an impression that while the show seems to be settling back into procedural territory, there are still going to be some reasons to watch.

The first big hook for the show’s “new beginning” is now that Jane and Lisbon are with the FBI, the cases are much larger and more complex than they ever were with the CBI. This may be true, but Jane is still Jane. He’s not a guy who can be counted on all of the time to stay out of trouble, or use shootouts as perfect opportunities for him to call up women who could end up becoming his date.

As you may or may not know based on some past scoops that we’ve shared here, this episode in “White Lines” (we’ll let you interpret that one) is going to be the chance to see Simon Baker’s character put himself back on the market after so many years of trying to avenge his wife. Are there ulterior motives for what he is doing here? You better believe it, since this is Jane that we’re talking about. In the end, don’t let this serve as some sort of substantial distraction if you are a passionate Jane / Lisbon shipper. There may still be hope for you yet. At least we’ll get a better chance to see as the weeks develop just what sort of relationship that the two can have now that the tremendous 800-pound gorilla known as Red John is off of his back.

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Photo: CBS

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