‘The Sing-Off’ finale rankings: Should Home Free, Vocal Rush, or Ten win?

The Sing-Off -With tomorrow marking the end of “The Sing-Off” season 4, now feels like as good of a time as any to ask the all-important question: Who is the most-likely vocal group to walk away with the grand prize and the title of champion? There were a number of great contenders this season, but we are now down to just three. Moving forward only one of them is going to walk away with the title come Monday night.

Since this show is not your typical live competition, we have to judge here by something a little more based on editing to go along with the typical standard of performance quality that we use in such rankings articles. Fan base size really doesn’t matter, since it’s not the fans who are making the decision here.

3. Vocal Rush – A great group of high schoolers, and easily the best one that the show has ever had of this age group. If “Glee” ever had a group anywhere close to this, they’d blow the New Directions out of the water. The only thing probably holding them back is that most of their performances sound a lot like pop radio: There’s a good hook, a rap interlude, and then the hook again. Some of them can therefore start to blend together a little bit.

2. Ten – Still, we plead for this group to someday change their name. We know that they only recently assembled as a group for the purpose of being a part of this competition, but still this name is pretty atrocious. It doesn’t tell you anything about the group or what they can do … which is sad, since they’re awesome. If they had any more experience together at all, we would probably put them higher on the list.

1. Home Free – But still, we favor Home Free for a number of different reasons, with the primary one being that they bring such a delightful energy to the music that they perform. It doesn’t really feel so much like you are listening to yet another country group; it appeals to the masses. Also, we feel like the edit of them as these hard-working guys who have been performing for years will end up working in their favor.

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