‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’, season 6, episode 8 review: A lesson in Savannah

When we last left the ladies of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” they were headed out to Savannah with a friend of Nene Leakes named Mynique Smith, a woman who’s husband (Chuck) dated Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks once upon a time.

The ladies finally arrive at the “Wedding Cake Mansion” (which they were sure to mention 50 times) and Kandi immediately snagged the master suite even though NeNe is the hostess of this trip. NeNe is trying to keep her cool about everything and so far she’s done a great job, but after Kenya gets her all riled up, she decides to talk to the group about being on time (and to Kandi about taking the master suite). Phaedra gets offended when Mynique teases her about being so late saying that she has a baby and therefore she can be as late as she wants. We completely understand that time management is harder with a baby, but a baby doesn’t make it okay to be 3 hours late. Everyone’s time is equally important.

At lunch Mynique finds out that her husband hasn’t told her the whole story behind his past relationship with Kandi. Worse then learning that Chuck and Kandi’s relationship was a lot deeper then she thought, Kenya reveals to Mynique that Phaedra also dated him back in high school and then again later in college after he told her that he never dated Phaedra.

Why Mynique brought up these past relationships in the first place is beyond us, but when Porsha tries to say that her husband isn’t telling her everything Mynique freaks out on her and defends her husband. Out of all the people Mynique is going to freak out on Porsha was the last person we thought was going to get her wrath, but Porsha apologizes and all is well.

Some other highlights (if you can call them that) was seeing Kandi and Phaedra chasing down a one legged hearse driver, and Porsha not knowing what the Underground Railroad is, but the one thing we were not really that crazy about is that during this whole episode we felt like we were watching a great big tourism advertisement for Savannah. Nothing really happened! Grade: D+

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