‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis ‘pregnant’ contestant Clare Crawley

Typically when we do these “Bachelor” cast spotlights, we don’t really have that much to go on when it comes to the footage that ABC has out there. However, this is a little bit different when it comes to Clare Crawley, at least in that the photo attached here gives away that she is the contestant who shows up to the first night seemingly pregnant.

So is she really expecting? We don’t want to be the one to spoil all the fun … but since ABC has already done that themselves with some other promotional photos, we’ll tell you that she is not. Unless she is having some sort of demon baby like on “Game of Thrones” that makes you really pregnant in a tiny amount of time, it’s all a trick to get some attention … and a pretty funny one at that.

Possible pros – Juan Pablo has shown himself to be a pretty funny guy and we think that if she plays this right, this could be a really funny introduction that he remembers. A good comparison would be Lindsay Yenter from last year, where she showed up in the wedding dress and eventually showed that there was a softness and sensitivity to go with the sense of humor. Outside of that, we feel like she’s in a good place to be a mother, she’s humble, and is the same age as Juan Pablo at 32.

Possible cons – There is a difference between maturity, age, and experience, and while she may be a hard-working woman who is probably much more grounded than some of the young cast members in their early twenties, Clare makes it seem like she doesn’t have much experience at all in romance. When you remember that this is like a romantic Thunderdome sometimes, that can be pretty problematic.

Pre-show outlook – When you’re looking for reasons to keep someone, the pregnancy joke will probably get Clare another week. From there, we really feel like this is a toss-up. She’s either going to be gone very early, or she’ll be around until near the very end. It’s just going to really depend on how willing she is to put herself out there on an emotional level to go along with the jokes.

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