‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special video: Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman talk turkey

Christmas -The “Doctor Who” Christmas special is only a matter of a few short days away! Excited? We definitely are, whether you are talking about The Doctor trying to save the future of the universe, or him simply trying to figure out some of the best ways to possibly cook poultry. Either one, in our books, can be very entertaining.

The sneak peek below is only 24 seconds long, but we still personally believe it to be very entertaining. Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman star as The Doctor and Clara as they debate whether or not their Christmas dinner is altogether done, with her shouting out suggestions that strangely seem to involve a screwdriver. Is this a thing? We’ve made turkey countless times, and it is not a part of our seasonal repertoire.

But somehow during this process the subject of time-travel comes up, and if these two are really considering using time-travel in order to make this turkey dinner all the more delicious, then we would certainly be beyond surprised. (But, we’d also get a few laughs out if it.)

One of the reasons that we’re going to especially miss Smith as The Doctor after Wednesday’s show is that in addition to him being such a brilliant and fun version of the character, he and Coleman have such great chemistry with each other. It’s for that reason that you almost want to root for the two characters to get together in some greater way … or at least part of us does. The other part of us realizes that this would be insane. But, we imagine that this may be the intention of Steven Moffat to both amuse and disorient us the entire time while we prepare for this great special to air.

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Photo: BBC One

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