‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Christy Hansen

For the latest edition of our “Bachelor” cast spotlight series, we’re going to be venturing down what is sadly a pretty familiar direction at this point: A contestant who we don’t know very much about, and a contestant that does not necessarily do a ton to make it clear just what sort of person she is in the space given to her on the site. Christy Hansen may be a great contender for Juan Pablo Galavis’ heart, but it is very hard to tell based on what is online right now.

The one good thing that we can say for sure about her going into this crazy experience? There is not anything about her that immediately screams “red flag,” which is a good sign if she hopes to last past the first couple of rose ceremonies. But if she wants to actually be the last person standing at the end, she’ll need a natural connection, and also the ability to put herself out there in what cannot always be an easy environment.

Possible pros – On paper, she comes across pretty well. She repeatedly references that she is very loyal, and that she holds memories with her family pretty dear. She also already has a job as a Marketing Manager that does not immediately scream “I want fame.” It’s hard to read just how interested she would be in a guy like Juan Pablo, but just her look in the promotional photo (opting for jeans) suggests that she is at least reasonably outdoorsy and adventurous.

Possible cons – The biggest one that we see is that she says that she likes to be the one being persued, and that’s not a very easy thing to get from other people when you are on this show. More often than not, you have to take whatever attention that you can get. Her description of being “loyal to a fault” could also hurt her in that if there are fights in the house, she could be quick to jump in to them even when nobody is asking for her help, and she really doesn’t need to get herself involved.

Pre-show outlook – Even though there is nothing altogether distinctive about Christy based on the information out there,we do envision her lasting a few weeks just because she is unlikely to really shoot herself in the foot too much. It may be around the final eight or nine where she is sent home, with the standard “our relationship didn’t grow fast enough” excuse.

What is your take on Christy? Be sure to share any and all of your thoughts below.

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