‘The X Factor’ USA winners Alex & Sierra will have time to make album, says Simon Cowell

Coming out of last night’s season 3 finale for “The X Factor” USA, one of the biggest concerns that we had when it came to the winners in Alex & Sierra was just if they were really going to get the opportunity to make the album that they wanted to. Last year, it took Tate Stevens all of four months to get something out in the marketplace; but, it sold poorly, and he’s already been forgotten about largely by everyone in the show family.

With artists like these two, they are really going to be made or broken by the originality and the lyrics of the songs that they choose to put on their album. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that they are going to be allowed to take their time. Speaking after the finale, Simon Cowell told Zap2It that he is going to take a very patient approach to production this time, and not rush anything just for the sake of having something “out there” for people to hear:

“It’s going to be as long as it takes. I mean I don’t care how long the album takes as long as they’re happy with it. They’ve got the support of so many people worldwide, people love this group so you know you just have to take your time and do it well.”

Given that the two may want a hand in writing most of the songs on this album, this could take even more time than usual to get into the process, but we don’t think that will be a problem if the songs are good. There is a huge team all around Simon who can make a record for these two a success, and the biggest priority for them is probably going to be caring about the songs. Simon has to know already that the ratings for the show aren’t going to sell them as successes, so he has to take a somewhat-different approach when it comes to getting their music sold.

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