‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Christine Llano

When we do these cast spotlight articles for “The Bachelor,” the truth is that we barely have an opportunity to get to know these ladies on the same level as Juan Pablo Galavis … and he was only around some of them for a night. All we have to go on here are a series of photos that were published by ABC along with some biographical information and a brief Q&A. In some cases, it’s not much. The only thing that we can really take from it is how badly someone really wants to be on the show, how open they are to love, and how interesting they can be.

While, Christina Llano, the contestant we’re profiling today, seems to have at least some of these aforementioned attributes, we can’t really find anything on her (except for maybe her job) that sounds like interesting television.

Possible pros – She’s from Miami, so there is that sort of local connection and an ice-breaker that is always good on the first night. She also mentions her mother in her questionnaire, which we take as a sign that she is very family-oriented and has a lot of room in her heart to care for others. While we don’t fully get a level of commitment here to necessarily the show and this process, she is at least a relatively open person.

Possible cons – While she is technically a ‘police support specialist,” not everyone wants to date someone in law enforcement. The other two major things that stand out to us is that she is very young in 23, and also just that she doesn’t really pop off the page. Most of her answers are pretty generic and not too exciting. She has to be better at conversations than this. (In regards to the age, we know that there are exceptions to every rule; but traditionally, most of the youngest contestants on a season don’t fare well.)

Pre-show outlook – It’s not looking good for Christine. She will most likely be gone within the first two weeks of the season, simply because she seems like someone who is not going to put herself out there unless prompted to. When you have 27 women, it’s very easy to get lost in the shuffle … and she almost surely will.

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