‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Talking ‘Witch Hunt,’ ‘The Tower’

What's next? -What does the future hold for “Once Upon a Time” season 3? At this point, you probably at least know some after watching what transpired during the midseason finale early this week. We saw Emma Swan lose all of her memories of what happened to her in Storybrooke, and had an opportunity to start over with Henry as her son, and in a very new place in New York City. The twist? She didn’t remember anyone from the fairy-tale world, including Captain Hook, who arrived at her door and quickly told to shove off.

But one thing that you also surely know is the arrival of Rebecca Mader as the Wicked Witch of the West, i.e. the principal villain of the second half of this season. She is going to be spending a great deal of time battling the Evil Queen Regina, and may also be sought out in some way judging from the title of the March 16 episode, the 13th of the season, entitled “Witch Hunt.” This follows up “New York City Serenade” the spring premiere on March 9 that has a title that makes way more sense now than it did previously.

Just in case this all is not enough for you, let’s add another episode title here for good measure. According to executive producer Adam Horowitz’s own Twitter account, the 14th episode is entitled “The Tower.” While we suppose that this could be some sort of trick or double-meaning, it’s pretty easy to figure out that the leading speculation here is that this is the Rapunzel episode so many have been hoping for. The character has already been cast, and now all that is left is for the story to be told on the show.

What’s your take on a Rapunzel-themed episode, and how many times are you going yell “let down your hair” at the TV? Share below! Also, click here if you want to get a dose of weekly TV magic via our official newsletter.

Photo: ABC

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