‘Best Ink’ season 3, episode 3 review: May May plays the blame game

By episode 3 in any reality competition we expect to be digging deeper into the contestants backgrounds so that we can actually care about whether or not they win the show. So far the only two people we have gotten to know better on “Best Ink” season 3 are Izzi and May May and we hope that this changes sooner rather then later.

On this week’s episode, May May reveals that not only is her rivalry with Izzi starting to get the better of her, but also her financial problems back in the real world sparked a huge fight with her man. Is the stress going to motivate her to win or crush her spirit and end up sending her out of the competition?

The flash challenge this week had the artists going head to head in a “Fight Club” inspired setting. Artists were paired up and had to give each other a word that the both artists would have to incorporate into their artwork. Lara tried to throw Karly a curveball when she gave her the word “Kali” (the Hindu Goddess of war), someone that Karly doesn’t know. Karly did a great job considering what she had to work with but Lara beat her in the one on one challenge. The person who came out on top over everyone in the flash challenge was Willy making this his second challenge win in a row.

The ink challenge had two artists going head to head again as each pair had to work on one canvas together at the same time on a collaborative piece. They are working in the same teams as in the flash challenge so Karly and Lara were together again and Lara quickly established herself as the alpha dog. Lara adds elements to the piece that they hadn’t agreed on or even talked about and Karly worried that the last minute background was going to sink them.

Lara and Karly are not the only pair that had communication problems as May May and Amy were clearly not on the same page either and it showed at judging when the panel ripped into their tattoo.

The best tattoo of the week went to Willy and Joe making Willy the one to watch this season, but the sole winner of this week’s ink challenge went to Joe. Willy and Joe then had the task of picking their bottom three and they were Amy, May May and Izzi. May May quickly blamed Amy, saying that she had a condescending tone, but instead of it igniting another fight, Amy apologize so everyone can just move on.

May May has seemed to put the blame on everyone else but herself over the past few weeks and as much as it has been annoying to us, it seemed to bother the judges even more. In the end Amy and May May were spared and Izzi went home which was not all that shocking since she seemed to have been struggling since the beginning.

The one thing that is really missing from this show and something that we really love from it’s competition in “Ink Master” is that each week the artists are tested on something like line work, black and grey, new school etc and while there has been some of that in “Best Ink” this week had no theme or really skill test for the artists to show off. Grade: C

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