‘White Collar’ season 5, episode 9 review: Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay kill it in ‘No Good Deed’

The latest -At the start of Thursday night’s “White Collar” episode, it finally looked like Neal Caffrey was ready to let someone into his inner circle for the first time. Rebecca was turning into an interesting ally for Matt Bomer’s character, since she had connections, was clearly into him, and also had no problem with him not exactly being the “agent” that she first thought he was.

But what we couldn’t shake throughout the episode entitled “No Good Deed” was that Bridget Regan’s character may have something more at play here than what she is letting on. Mostly that is just because we have a history of getting burned with shows where you can’t really trust anyone … and the title for this episode is pretty suspicious.

But for her part, Rebecca was invaluable in helping Neal and Mozzie steal a valuable window thanks to a little diversion … but they clearly ran into a stumbling block almost from the get-go in that Peter was, once again, hot on Neal’s trail. When the dust settled about ten minutes away from the end, he felt like the one that this title was really about, and our paranoia over Rebecca was merely that. He’d caught enough evidence to figure out that Neal went on a coin heist years ago under his watch, and in an awesome scene between Bomer and Tim DeKay, Neal admitted to doing it in order to save Peter’s hide.

What this story really came down to is what Peter was willing to do for Neal, and how far he was willing to bend the lines order to even protect himself. In the end, there were two issues that rose to the top above all others: Trust, and also morals. Peter just held those to a different standard.

All in all, a heck of a winter finale for the show. There was action, romance, a great heist, and character moments. In the end, we don’t know what more you would want, save for maybe Hilarie Burton turning up. Grade: A-.

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