‘Shahs of Sunset’ season 3: See Reza Farahan without signature mustache!

Reza -Well, this may very well have to be on the list of one of the most jarring things that we’ve seen on television over the past several months: The sight of Reza Farahan without the mustache that first helped to make him a star.

While it would be silly and superficial to sit here and say that the ‘stache is the sole reason why Reza is the biggest name on Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset,” as having a great personality also helps, but it’s something that made him stand out from the norm, much in the same way that Pauly D has that blowout that he sported throughout his time on “Jersey Shore.” When you are on reality TV these days, it’s almost more essential than ever to have some sort of “thing” that people like to attach to you.

So why in the world did Reza shave it off … and on Bethenny Frankel’s show, no less? We can think of a few simple reasons:

1. It helped Reza remember what he looked like underneath the facial hair.

2. It let America see what Reza looks like without the mustache.

3. It also has people writing stories about him when they otherwise may not be and this is a very good thing considering new episodes of “Shahs of Sunset” are still airing and we are entering the holiday TV slow down.

Of course, we do expect Reza to grow this back in full by a few months down the road (pretty please?), and the Christmas break will be a chance to do that. Could you imagine him showing up a few weeks down the road without it at a red-carpet event? Reza without a mustache is like GG without her knife collection or Asa without Diamond Water… it’s just not the same.

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Photo: Bravo, video via TooFab

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