‘The Sing-Off’ review: Did The Filharmonic, Vocal Rush, and Home Free make finale?

Can you believe that we are only a few days away from “The Sing-Off’s” season finale? It’s been fun show  and has never felt drawn out, overly sappy, or badly-judged. Even Nick Lachey has grown on us as one of the best (and most credible) hosts on TV, offering real advice and sympathy for the contestants. (Take that, Mario Lopez!)

Before we get to the Ultimate Sing-Off, let’s (as always) start by sharing our rankings of the four performances that took place.

4. Ten, “Proud Mary” – A pretty solid performance from the group, but did they really do anything that different for “Proud Mary”? The song just wasn’t innovative enough, and somehow lacked some of the energy that we’ve seen from them the past few performances. They haven’t really had to fight for their lives despite being a new group, but this could be the time.

3. Vocal Rush, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” – These high schoolers are pretty good, but the problem that we are running into with this group is just that every performance is a formula. There’s some singing, a rap interlude, and some singing again. We don’t know if we could listen to an album with just these sort of songs again and again.

2. The Filharmonic, “Baby I Need Your Loving” – These guys are mostly in the top 4 because they are crowd pleasers and hard workers, but they’ve had some stumbles along the way. They’ve been in the Ultimate Sing-Off twice, and they really needed to pull a rabbit out of their hat here if they want to turn things around. Thankfully, this was fun, energetic, and vocally proficient across the board. But they were also the first act on the night to perform, so it was a little hard to compare them to anyone else.

1. Home Free, “Colder Weather” – The over-abundance of country music on the show these days to us is somewhat annoying, but these guys are really great and bring a very interesting twist to the country genre. Personally, we could see them winning the show, and then possibly having a career in some capacity after this.

Ultimate Sing-Off, The Filharmonic vs. Ten, “Should I Stay or Should I Go” – This wasn’t the battle that we wouldn’t have picked here, but it felt almost like a given that we were going to see The Filharmonic go after their third time in the bottom. Were they the better singers? No, but they were probably the better entertainers. But, Ten is in the finale! Their brand of gospel -pop continues for another week. Episode Grade: B+.

Do you think that the right acts are in the “Sing-Off” finale Monday? Share what you think below.

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