‘Supernatural’ season 9 spoilers: Could we see the face behind Gadreel again?

Check it out -Isn’t it nice to have some more “Supernatural” season 9 scoop again? There hasn’t been very much of it lately, with the biggest reason for that being that the show has been off the air for weeks. It also is in part due to a very tight-lipped environment on the show’s set, given the number of mysteries that are out there still waiting to unfold. After all you have questions regarding whether or not Sam is really still Sam at all, and if there is a way for Dean and Castiel to get him back. Also, we’re still reeling from the completely unexpected / devastating death of Kevin at the end of the winter finale.

But with this article, we’re asking a question that really traces itself back to the season premiere earlier this fall: Are we going to see the return of Gadreel’s true physical form again? Tahmoh Penikett was in the first episode as the angel claiming to be Ezekiel, but since taking over Sam’s body, we haven’t had an opportunity for him to pop up again.

Never one to give something major away, executive producer Jeremy Carver is of course not saying too much one way or the other. However, he did comment to TVLine that the worst thing right now for fans of the character to do would be to give up hope at the prospect of not seeing him before we reach the end of the season:

“There are lots of different ways, shapes and forms people can appear on the show. Past, present… People shouldn’t rush to any one conclusion. Just know there are a lot of different ways he could appear.”

Personally, our own hope would be to see them at the end of this possession story, possibly when Dean and Castiel find a way to extract the angel from his host, and there is some sort of battle that wages as a result. It would be something different, and it is also very much in line with the show’s vivid imagination.

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Photo: The CW

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