‘How I Met Your Mother’ series finale to air in March, used to launch new CBS comedy

“How I Met Your Mother” will be telling us just how Ted met the mother a little earlier than many of us first planned. While it was easy to assume that CBS would stretch out the final 11 eleven episodes of the season until May, mostly because that is what they have done with so many other seasons over the years, they are apparently opting now to go in a very different direction.

Specifically, the network confirmed today on Monday, March 31, the show is going to go off of the air with a one-hour series finale that could ultimately serve to answer the many questions and loose ends that are out there about the character. It is by this date for sure that Ted will have finally met the future mother of his children.

What is also worth noting is that CBS is hoping to use this series finale to launch a new series called “Friends with Better Lives” at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, which stars someone in James Van Der Beek who has at least appeared on the sitcom over the years in the role of Simon. This show will move to 8:30 p.m. starting on April 7, where it will get another boost courtesy of a “Big Bang Theory” repeat.

As for what will eventually take over the long-standing “How I Met Your Mother” timeslot, it will be “2 Broke Girls” starting on April 14. This spot could eventually hold the spin-off “How I Met Your Dad” if that show ends up getting past the pilot stage, but it’s a little early to really start speculating about that too much just yet. What remains important here is that CBS is taking a big risk in an effort to stir things up, and not just have “How I Met Your Mother” repeats airing when a new show like this needs help getting launched.

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