‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special spoilers: Prepare to see a LOT of Matt Smith

Doctor Who -The Doctor has been known for a number of iconic outfits over the run of “Doctor Who,” but that’s the thing: He has always been wearing an outfit. What makes the latest promotional photos from the upcoming Christmas Special “The Time of the Doctor” so revealing is that, through some sort of bizarre tear in the fabric of the universe, Matt Smith’s incarnation of the character seems to have lost some of his clothes.

Who knows? Maybe Smith decided that he wanted to give one last gift to many of the fans before he regenerates … but get your head out of the gutter for a minute. This is more or less the most that you’re going to see of the character during the special, mostly because this is a family show that we are talking about here. (Still, you have to wonder what Clara is pointing at.)

Doctor Who -These photos were shared by the show itself, so they very clearly recognize that these were going to be the imagines that would get the most buzz. It’s also for that reason that they may have decided to release them now, just a mere six days before the event is actually set to air on BBC both in the United Kingdom as well as in America. While we don’t expect the ratings to be perfectly on par with the 50th Anniversary Special (especially since some people really don’t feel like watching TV on the holiday), it still should be fairly successful nonetheless.

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Photo: BBC One

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