‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Chelsie Webster

While there many reasons to mock a show like “The Bachelor,” one of the things that does make it occasionally appealing to watch is the opportunity to really see people from all walks of life come together, even if the main goal of it in getting to be with one guy is a little bit ridiculous.

Chelsie Webster is definitely a very different sort of woman than most of the other ones on Juan Pablo Galavis’ season this time around. She’s more of a country girl than a city girl, and is probably going to appeal to him more for just being a nice, laid-back person than someone that is extremely aggressive or polarizes some of the other women. After reading her information online, she feels a little bit like a combination of Tenley from Jake Pavelka’s season and Emily Maynard. Let’s just see if that comes together and she lasts as long as those two did on their respective seasons.

Possible pros – for Chelsie, the biggest one is probably just that she is intelligent, seems to embrace a similar sort of healthy lifestyle to Juan Pablo, and she comes across in her bio as someone who is open and ready to go through this crazy experience. We cannot stress the importance of readiness enough here, since you have to remember that you have to be willing to share a ton of yourself with someone in a very short amount of time. If you’re just the least bit timid, you’re probably not going to last longer than just a couple of weeks before the guy gets frustrated and doesn’t give you a rose.

Possible cons – While she seems somewhat adventurous, there are some other women on here who are going to be more adventurous than her. Also, we just don’t know if we see this guy being someone who wants to spend much time in a small little town like she grew up in.  She has a job that is much more practical in an educator, while he works more in a much more entertainment-focused career that has him on the go all of the time.

Pre-show outlook – We’ll say a couple of weeks, and then that is probably it. We’re never optimistic when it comes to educators on the show since they may be afraid to really open up and let loose when she needs to be taken seriously. That is not always a great thing for this sort of crazy, ridiculous show.

What’s your hope for Chelsie on “The Bachelor” this season? Be sure to share your thoughts below.

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