‘Elementary’ season 2 spoilers: Jonny Lee Miller versus the mafia

While we’ve spent a ton of time lately talking about the British Sherlock Holmes story and the return of “Sherlock” to the BBC, it definitely feels appropriate to at least give a few thoughts about “Elementary’ season 2 and what is coming up there for Jonny Lee Miller’s version of the famed Sherlock Holmes.

You may have heard a little bit already about the return of Natalie Dormer’s character of Irene Adler / Moriarty to the show when it returns to the air, so rather than try to dwell on this any further, let’s try to move on to something a little bit different … as in the mafia. According to TVLine, film actors Paul Sorvino and Vincent Curatola are each going to guest-star on an upcoming episode that, per executive producer Rob Doherty, will focus on some of the battles going on constantly between some of the families of New York City. Basically, it’s that “mob boss episode” for all of you who have wanted something like that over the years. (Personally, we tend to find these a little bit boring.)

But even if mafias are not your personal cup of tea when it comes to the storytelling of this show, there is probably enough other stuff coming up over the next few weeks to balance out the good with the bad. You’re going to have an opportunity to see more good stuff about Holmes and Watson, and also some fun, impactful cases. This show is really just about giving the characters something new and exciting to do most of the time, and we have a feeling that the show is going to do just that.

What do you want to see happen on the rest of “Elementary” season 2? Share some of you think below!

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