‘Arrow’ season 2 spoilers: Oliver, Felicity, and the ‘unattainable’ dilemma

“Arrow” has handled so many things so beautifully this season (the arrival of Slade in the present, Barry Allen’s transformation into The Flash), that you would have to imagine that they would do the same exact thing with Oliver and Felicity … right? It definitely seems like it, based on the information that is coming out.

While the fans (and us included) want to see the two characters together, there is a recognition that there is so much more going on here than two people who may have feelings for each other. With Felicity, there’s a certain understanding that being with Oliver could prove problematic for some of his missions, and she doesn’t want his judgment to be clouded by his love. But at the same time, she wants his love, though she doesn’t always feel like she can have it.

From Oliver’s standpoint, he realizes that he cares about her, but his worries are somewhat similar: If he’s with her and someone finds out, she’s an instant target and he’d never be able to live with that. But if they both understand the risks and want to do it anyway, is it a relationship that they should go far? Speaking to E! News further on the subject, you can see executive producer Andrew Kreisberg try to put the subject into even further perspective:

“Oliver isn’t quite sure what he feels. Like he knows he feels something for her, but he can’t quite define it … For Felicity, she doesn’t want to like Oliver in a way, because she finds him unattainable. And, in a way, he is unattainable.”

We feel like “Arrow” is one of the best shows in the history of The CW, and this is one of the best romances also in the time in which the network has been around. It is the many complications of this relationship that makes it so interesting, and makes us want to continue to watch and see what happens next.

Are you rooting for Oliver and Felicity to work this relationship out? Just be sure to share some of what you think in the comment box below!

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