Alexander Skarsgard’s pre-‘True Blood’ season 7 trip continues … but where?

Alexander Skarsgard has turned out to be quite a busy man this December … though he has not exactly been doing what you would expect of the typical television / movie star.

Weeks before the actor is set to resume his role of being ruthless, angry, and occasionally disrobed as Eric Northman on “True Blood” season 7, he is getting in his last bit of time off in a very remote land. As a matter of fact, it’s so remote that no single country has claimed it for themselves: Antarctica. We wrote recently about him making it to the South Pole in an expedition for the Walking With the Wounded, an extremely noble cause that shows that Alex couldn’t be any more different than the guy he plays on HBO.

This past weekend, the actor alongside many other famous faces (including Prince Harry) had an opportunity to tour the National Science Foundation’s Amundsen-Scott South Pole station. It’s a place where you really get an opportunity to learn some of what the science community is doing to understand this frozen wasteland better. Also, we can’t imagine that it is a place that really gets the opportunity to conduct that many regular tours, save for the thrill-seekers who decide for whatever reason that it would be a lot of fun to freeze your butt off. Antarctica has seen temperatures that are far below -100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is colder by far than any other inhabited place on earth (even some of those towns in Siberia).

Luckily, we know that Skarsgard, Harry, and the rest of the gang won’t be freezing much after this. “True Blood” films primarily in Los Angeles, and even if it was actually in Los Angeles as the fictional town of Bon Temps is located, it’d still be getting some great temperatures this time of year. The next six or so months will be spent filming the show, which will premiere on HBO this June, pending some sort of dramatic shake-up with the special. As for the story, we know already that Eric Northman is set to receive a new love interest.

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