‘Shahs of Sunset’ season 3, episode 8 review: Mike and Reza problems

Shahs -This season of “Shahs of Sunset” has been really hard for Reza as he has had a lot of past demons coming to the surface. We’ve seen him move in with Adam, which has been really positive for him, but we’ve also seen him lash out at another gay Persian (Sasha) that lives in his building because he brought some of Reza’s past issues with his own struggles about being a gay man in the Persian community and how hard it was for him.

The fight with Sasha has gotten the entire group involved, and after a fight at Club Nur (that created a few more sub-fights), Reza and Mike are no longer speaking. This is looking bad not only for their business, but also for their friendship.

On this week’s episode of “Shahs of Sunset” Reza and Adam decide to have a housewarming party, but because there is a divide in the group, GG, Lilly and Mike are not invited. Reza is still mad at Mike over what happened at Club Nur and Mike is angry about how he left his job to partner up with Reza and isn’t getting any deals. After meeting up with some of his old business friends from Vegas, Mike is seriously considering moving back to commercial real estate.

We also witnessed the season long fight between Reza and Sasha come to a conclusion. Things have been really ugly ever since Reza first stepped foot into his condo and saw Sasha there, but after speaking with a therapist, Reza wanted to apologize to Sasha about what he said. What was interesting about the apology was that Sasha said he didn’t meet with Reza to hear an apology, but more so to understand where the anger came from and he said something that we have been long wondering ourselves. Was Reza upset with Sasha because he thought that he was flirting or interested in Adam? Reza denies that Adam had anything to do with it and insists that it has everything to do with the way Sasha’s openness made him feel about how he grew up.

In the end the apology was appreciated and accepted, but does this mean that the two are going to be BFF’s from here on out? Don’t count on it, but it was something that Reza felt he needed to do for himself, Adam and for Sasha.

Some other interesting stories that we enjoyed: Seeing Mike finally look at an engagement ring for Jessica (and the diamond sticker shock that comes with it), GG’s telling her boyfriend Sean about some of her lies (and subsequently getting dumped), and Lilly being completely absent from the episode as usual. Can Bravo get with the program and just replace her already with someone who fits into the group already? We would even prefer Sammy to come back, at least he fit in. Grade: B

Do you think that Mike and Reza will find a way to fix their friendship this season? Will GG and MJ make up? Leave us a comment and tell us what your favorite story line has been this season and if you are looking for more “Shahs of Sunset” just click here.  Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter if you want to be caught up on everything that’s coming up throughout the holiday season.

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