MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 3 finale review: Did Jenna and Matty work things out at prom?

The latest -Awkward” season 3 has been at times inconsistent, at times very dark, and at times funny. But, Tuesday night brought the end to Jenna Hamilton’s journey for the time being, and it involved all sorts of strange feelings.

The start of the episode felt much like the vintage version of the show: Jenna had an awkward problem, and she had to figure out a way to solve it and give herself the social freedom that she long desired. Everyone found out quickly about her botching her prom hopes with Matty, and at the same time, she was wrestling with some strange feelings that she had for Mr. Hart … seriously. That was one of the most random things that the show has ever been brought up.

But in transitioning over to prom again, Jenna didn’t want to go to prom at first because of Matty going with Bailey, but when she heard about him reconsidering, she started to change her mind. She made a move on Matty … who then decided to offer her help with finding a date. Seriously. “Awkward” just found a way to become “Even More Awkward,” which should be the name of an aftershow if MTV ever decides to go down that route. (Hey, AMC loves them.) Jenna then in turn tried to make a move to set up Matty and Bailey, which ended up being a sweeter moment than we imagined. There was no quick fix to Jenna and Matty, but there was progress. Jenna at least showed that she can be good to him without expecting anything in return.

But to us, the most powerful part of the whole episode was when she realized that her feelings for Mr. Hart were more out of respect than any sort of romantic longing. He understood her, and could actually help her.

Overall, this was a nice way to end a nice season of the show. We don’t know if this was the funniest episode ever, but the past few have been more about redemption more so than laughs. The real point of this episode was that Jenna has started to find her redemption, and she could move forward a much better person. Grade: B+.

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Photo: MTV

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