‘The Vampire Dairies’ season 5 spoilers: Trouble ahead for Kat Graham’s Bonnie?

More news -If there is one thing that we’ve come to learn on “The Vampire Diaries” (outside of the fact that vampires seem to shed their clothes often), it is that relationships are always just a few steps away from actually hitting a rocky road. This was true for Elena and Damon, it was true for Caroline and Tyler, and it’s definitely true for Bonnie and Jeremy. Remember, they broke up last time after he started getting frisky with a ghost.

So are there more problems ahead now for Kat Graham’s character and Elena’s brother, especially now that she is alive and taking on the oh-so difficult job as anchor? It definitely sounds like it. Executive producer Caroline Dries tells TVLine that there are some bumps coming up that could give the two characters trouble. What will they pertain to? One strong possibility has to be what Bonnie’s new job really entails. It’s a burden to have every supernatural being pass through you on the way to another world, and that can be a huge weight on anyone’s shoulders.

Then again, we have to imagine that if they really want to work this out, Bonnie and Jeremy could get through almost anything at this point. Jeremy is not just some kid oblivious to the world. He’s been through a mountain of his own struggles, and he knows just how difficult this world and its responsibilities can be. There’s not much time to act like a high schooler or a young adult when you’re busy trying to find a way to stay alive.

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Photo: The CW

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