‘The Biggest Loser’: Could Ruben Studdard return to the ranch again?

The Biggest Loser -Well, would you look at that! At the end of Tuesday night’s new episode of “The Biggest Loser,” it was revealed that it actually is possible for Ruben Studdard to return to the show for a third time thanks to a major twist that was thrown into the show by producers. This is one that we have seen on the show a few times in the past, where a contestant basically works their way back onto the show. It’s at least a little bit different than someone coming back just because of a rule violation on another team.

Let’s start here by saying that from a marketing point of view, this is all sorts of brilliant for so many reasons. NBC doesn’t want to lose their big stars early on the show, and even if Ruben doesn’t make it back, it’s at least another opportunity to potentially feature him. The more that they can include him, the better they feel like it will be.

But, then again, won’t we end up seeing some people shout “shenanigans” at the top of your lungs if Ruben comes back again? We personally don’t see that happening, though, mostly because he was already sent home just because he wasn’t progressing as quickly as a guy his size really should. At least we give the contestants currently on this season a little credit for handling this like champs, and not like the little whiny people who threatened to quit seasons ago, and made themselves out to look like sore losers. We know that the competition’s unfair, but it’s a television show. These sort of twists that make for good television; after all, there is much more buzz about the competition now than there would have been otherwise.

Who do you want to see back on “The Biggest Loser” when the show returns on January 7? Be sure to share your thoughts with a comment below!

Photo: NBC

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