‘The Originals’ spoilers: What comes next for Michael Trevino’s Tyler?

Tyler -There are some pretty interesting things coming up on “The Originals,” and one of them is the status of Michael Trevino, and his character of Tyler Lockwood. When we last saw him, he was basically locked in a garden with no way to get out. (Thank Marcel for that.) But could we be seeing him get out of there at some point in the near future? We have to believe so, and for a number of reasons.

As for one of them, executive producer Michael Narducci starts things up by saying the following in a new interview with TVLine about how Rebekah could be playing a role in what happens to Tyler, and possibly even helping him:

“We’re definitely going to see what’s going on in the garden. Tyler is not the only one who’s buried in there. … When we come back in the New Year, you’re going to see Rebekah have some perspective on what that location is, and how she might be able to use that to her advantage.”

Narducci also said that another factor in determining the status of Tyler in the “Originals” universe was his status on “The Vampire Diaries.” Given that he is a regular over there, and that is where so many people want to see him, you knew that there was only so long that they can keep him around:

“[My] friends at the Vampire Diaries office would really very much love to see Michael Trevino make a return. It stands to reason, logically, that somehow we’re going to address the issue of how does Tyler get out of that garden.”

So long as the show approaches it with the same intensity and character development as they’ve done with the past few episodes of the show, we’re sure to be in a pretty winning situation.

What do you want to see from Tyler on “The Originals,” and how long are you going to be cool with seeing him away from “The Vampire Diaries”? Share some of your thoughts below! Also, click here to read our full review of “The Originals” season 1 so far.

Photo: The CW

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