‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7: The top ten characters we will worry about the most

Sons of Anarchy -Given that today is a Tuesday, and this is the day that you watched “Sons of Anarchy” episodes most of the fall, now seemed like the perfect time for a special feature that served to ask one all-important question: Which of the remaining characters is the most likely to go the way of Tara, Clay, and Otto? By the end of this series, you almost expect the majority of the cast to have some sort of terrible fiery death, but we still run under the assumption (or maybe that is the hope?) that at least a few people will emerge from this alive.

With that, we present to you our list of the Top Ten Characters We’re Most Worried About in Season 7. For most of them, we’ll be doing the TV viewer’s equivalent of peeking over the covers every few seconds to make sure they are still alive.

10. Wayne Unser – Somewhere down the line, we could see Unser going the way of the dodo on this show. But, there are much bigger fish to fry for the time being, and we don’t know who is going to spend that much time really trying to hunt him down versus some of the other characters.

9. Tyne Patterson – Personally, we feel like the odds are high that Patterson has some sort of terrible death in season 7 that excites fans in some sort of bizarre Roman Coliseum sort of way. (Personally, we actually root for her to succeed in that there are a good many characters in SAMCRO who deserve to rot.) The only reason that she’s not higher up on this list is people we’re the most worried about. It’s still hard to be concerned over a character that we haven’t known for as long as every other one on this list.

8. Wendy Case – Let’s put it this way: If Gemma is brutal enough to murder Tara for something that she feels like she is forcing Jax to do, she is definitely not going to hesitate to take Wendy’s life as well. Wendy suffers from guilt by association, and the crime she has committed is being close to a man that brings tragedy. Obviously, another concern is that Wendy could do something to herself.

7. Nero Padilla – We’ve grown to love Nero the past two seasons, at least to the point where we’ll be really bummed to see him go. The problem for Jimmy Smits’ character is that he’s not so aligned with Jax or SAMCRO anymore in the wake of what Juice told him, and unless you are directly with the MC on every little decision that they make, you may as well be against them. Being tied to Gemma can only get you so far.

6. Jax’s children – We would be silly to sit here and feel like the kids are going to be safe now just because Gemma has them back where she wants them. They are the only thing that someone could use to break Jax. It would be pretty sick and twisted, but this is “Sons of Anarchy.” Sick and twisted is what the show eats for breakfast.

5. Filip “Chibs” Telford – You are going to see a recurring theme of the next few names on this list, mostly in that these are all people that would devastate the entire fandom to lose, but in the same as what we saw with Opie, they would also devastate Jax. In order to get him where he needs to be in the finale, he may need to lose another one or two people close to him. Chibs is a possibility, but he’s not the biggest possibility.

4. Alex “Tig Trader” – The fact that Tig is still alive is still a miracle in itself, and you could draw a parallel between his nine lives and that of the dearly departed Clay Morrow. Eventually, these lives are going to run out, and Tig will be in a position where no one will be able to bail him out.

3. Juan-Carlos “Juice” Ortiz – Juice is basically a dead man walking already. Even if his lies may not come from malice, they are still lies, and he has made many violent enemies. If his role in covering up Gemma’s murder of Tara ever comes out, Jax may start to plot his revenge on a man who was once a close confidante.

2, Gemma Teller – To us personally, Gemma is one of those characters who we feel like could still be standing at the end of the show, mostly because if Jax goes, someone has to be around to take over. This woman has made a life out of survival and mourning the dead, but even if she makes it that far, we’ll be terribly concerned for her every step of the way.

1. Jackson “Jax” Teller – Was there really anyone else worthy of the #1 spot? Jax’s death feels in some ways inevitable, since there may not be another release for this character. All we ask and hope for is that if Jax does go during the series finale, he goes in a way that does justice to what will then be seven full seasons, along with the relationships that he’s made and the people who died along the way.

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