ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: Show boss responds to recent Josh Bowman comments

Daniel -We have certainly seen quite a few surprises on “Revenge” over the years, but could the latest stunner actually involve getting rid of a series regular for good? There has been some conversation about it over the past month, though we still believe it to be a longshot.

The controversy itself that we are referring to came from a quote that Josh Bowman gave recently, saying that he was interested in seeing Daniel Grayson killed off if there continued to be the same sort of constant confusion about the role. Specifically, he said that the only way that he could really envision himself staying put for a little while was in some sort of event where he was allowed to fully become a villain, and not just some sort of ambiguous guy who kept flipping back and forth between doing the right and wrong thing.

Showrunner Sunil Nayar addressed these comments from Bowman recently in a TVLine interview, and he seemed to indicate that the actor comments were mostly a reflection on his current emotional state, perhaps even more so than how he feels about the character at this time:

“Josh had gotten himself into a space, because he knew he was doing this storyline, that some of the darkness was in [his remarks] in a way. He had just such a commitment to where his character was going that he, in his mind, just let it go to the nth degree. When he was just talking to [the reporter], he let his imagination get away from him a little bit, just because he was living in the darkest place his character’s ever going to be. Coming out of it, anybody could die on Revenge at any time, so it wasn’t an insane thing to say, but we love Josh and obviously we have plans for his character.”

So do we really see Daniel going anywhere? Not really, and mostly because Bowman is still a series regular, and it is very well possible that this series only has another season or so left in the tank. Daniel’s fate is still a subject that we will explore and discuss in the months ahead, but we just cannot see there being a scenario where someone with so many ties to the rest of the cast is removed suddenly from the equation.

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Photo: ABC

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