‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4, episode 14 video: The latest creepy Ian Harding scene

The latest -This just in when it comes to “Pretty Little Liars” and their season 4 winter premiere: Ezra is now getting his major creep on. Remember the days when he was hardly this same sort of terrifying presence? Well, those days appear to be long gone.

In the sneak peek video below, you can see Ian Harding’s character of Ezra face a pretty significant dilemma, as he has to figure out what exactly Mona is doing in meeting up with him, and alleging all sorts of bizarre things regarding him playing favorites. It’s really just all a series of little codes to suggest to him that she is starting to figure out what he has really been up to all this time as “A” … if he is really the top dog in this increasingly bizarre organization.

What makes Mona such an interesting character for almost the rest of the entire season is that her position in the world is somewhat different than that of the Liars. Her interests do align with them most of the time, but she also has her own goals and hopes. She has a history of working within “The A Team,” and when you do that, it is very difficult to ever definitively say that you can be trusted again in full.

But we have to say that above all else, we’re really digging this sort of bizarre and creepy vibe that Mona and Ezra have going on here. It is making for some great entertainment already, and the show is still a couple of weeks from actually starting up on ABC Family.

What do you think about this “Pretty Little Liars” video? Share your thoughts below, and be sure to click here if you want to see some other video footage from the show’s January 7 return to TV.

Photo: ABC Family, video via ET Online

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